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Hunger Games Teen Program

The way this Hunger Games program was run was breaking our teens into Districts of 2 people. I had about 4 teams total. Each activity let the tributes gain points and at the end of the party we tallied up the points and had a winning district.

Links to Library Hunger Games Programs:

Highland Park Public Library
Bethany Media Center
Hunger Games LARP
Cardigan Nation

Hunger Games Read-a-likes:

Feed by M.T. Anderson
The Other Side of the Island by Allegra Goodman
The Maze Runner by James Dashner
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau
The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
The Declaration by Gemma Malley
Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix
The Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines
Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Shooting Gallery Using a Nerf gun teens will shoot items off of a shelf, each item is worth a certain amount of points.

Peetas Bakery Have the teens decorate their blank cupcake with beautiful frosting in the style of Peeta.

Face Painting Set out a variety of face paints and let the teens either paint their face in camouflage to blend in the woods, or to blend in as a resident of the capital. The girls will perhaps be more attracted to the fun colors of the Capital face paints.

Tribute Costumes Give your teens a bunch of old craft supplies, paper, tape, pom poms, you name it and they have to dress one member of their team to compete in a fashion competition.

Hunger Games Fear Factor Have tributes eat a disgusting food similar to the TV show "Fear Factor." Nothing dead though most likely a weird fruit or food from a foreign country would do the trick.

Hunger Games Jeopardy Start the program off with a little friendly competition. Using our big projector and the laptop we played Hunger Games Jeopardy. No double Jeopardy or final Jeopardy. Here is the template for the game

Trivia Questions (many thanks to the Bethany Media Center who wrote these)

1. What is Prim’s cat’s name? Buttercup
2. Katniss, her family and Dale all live in a poor section of District 12 called the ___________? Seam
3. How did Katniss’s father die? In a mine explosion
4. What did Katniss learn from her father? How to hunt and use a bow and arrow
5. What is the name of the Capitol City? Panem
6. What is the “reaping”? The day 2 names are picked from each district to be in the Hunger Games.
7. What is Katniss’s mother’s occupation? She makes medicines from plants and herbs.
8. Why was Katniss so surprised when they called Prim’s name at the reaping? This was her first year and she only had her name in on one slip.
9. What memory does Katniss have of Peeta when they were younger? Peeta threw loaves of burnt bread out to her.
10. What is “tesserae”? Why is it good and bad? A year’s supply of grain and oil for one person. To get it, your name is added to the reaping list again.
11. What does Katniss mean when she says to her mom, “don’t clock out again!” before she leaves for the Capitol. Don’t go getting all depressed again and abandon your children, namely Prim.
12. How does Prim help the family? She has a goat and sells milk and cheese
13. Why does Peeta’s father come to see Katniss before she leaves the district for the Hunger Games? He tells her that he will keep an eye on Prim and her mother and be sure they are eating.
14. What does Madge give to Katniss before she leaves? A gold circular pin of a bird, a mockingjay
15. The Capitol is in a place that was once called _______? The Rockies
16. District 12 was once called ________ ? Appalachia
17. What do Peeta and Katniss do that proves to Haymitch they might actually be good contenders in the Hunger Games? Peeta shatters Haymitch’s glass of liquor and Katniss throws a knife between his fingers.
18. What is the main function or industry for the following districts: #1, #3, #4, #11, #12, #13 (now destroyed) 1= luxury items for the Capitol, 3= factories to make autos, explosives, etc. 4= fishing, 11= agriculture, 12=coal mining, 13= mining graphite (worth 5 points)
19. Katniss thought her opening ceremony costume would be ? Her body naked and covered with coal dust.
20. What is the name of the leader of the Capitol? President Snow
21. Who are the stylists for Katniss and Peeta? Cinna and Portia
22. What is an “avox”? A person who commits a crime and the Capitol cuts their tongue out and makes them a slave.
23. Why is it so hard for Katniss to let Peeta become a friend? She knows she may have to kill him.
24. What are Career Tributes? People trained as tributes in the wealthier districts
25. Rue is from what which district? What is she good with? District 2, slingshot
26. Katniss is the last tribute to show her talents to the Gamemakers during the training. They are ignoring her because they are more interesting in their food. What does Katniss do? She shoots an arrow into the apple in the mouth of the roasted pig. Then she storms out of the room.
27. How does Katniss’s relationship with Gale develop? They both go in the forbidden woods and hunt. Also, they both lost their fathers to mine explosions.
28. What does Peeta say in his interview before the games start that stuns the audience? The girl he wants is the girl that will be with him.
29. What is Haymitch’s final advice for Katniss and Peeta when they first arrive at the Corucopia? Run and put as much distance between you and the others. Then find a source of water.
30. Katniss meets Peeta on the roof the night before the games. What is his goal for the Hunger Games? He does not want to change into a monster, to show the Capitol they don’t own him.
31. How long can the tributes stand on the metal circles when they first are in the Hunger Games and what happens if they don’t move within that time limit? 60 seconds and then a land mine blows
32. What does the Cornucopia look like and what is in it (name at least 3 items)? It is a giant golden horn about 20 ft. high, & has food, containers of water, plastic, weapons, medicine, firestarters, silver sheath and bow and arrows, tent.
33. What does Katniss get from the Cornucopia?A piece of plastic, bread, and a bright orange backpack with a sleeping bag, a pack of crackers, a pack of dried beef strips, a bottle of iodine, wooden matches, coil of wire, night-glasses, and a plastic water bottle.
34. Who tries to kill Katniss first and what does she get from her? The girl from district 2, and gets her knife
35. Why are the cannons shot? To declare a tribute has died
36. How does the wire help Katniss? To make snares to catch rabbits and other animals
37. Where does Katniss find it is best to sleep? Up in a tree
38. Why do the Careers let Peeta into their gang? To lead them to Katniss
39. At one point, Katniss is so dehydrated that she lies down to die. What stops her? Her fingers dig into the earth and she realizes it is muddy. Mud means water is near! She crawls to the pond.
40. What is the first major catastrophe that the Gamemakers cause for Katniss? A huge, moving wall of fire and endless smoke
41. Katniss gets hit by a fireball on her leg and is in great pain. She knows she should not show her pain. Why? The sponsors are more likely to send gifts if they admire you.
42. Katniss hold up high in a tree so the Careers cannot get to her. What does Rue warn her about? The wasp nest further up in the tree
43. Why are these wasps so dangerous? The are made by the Capitol, mutations called “tracker jackers”, causes huge swelling, hallucinations and then death
44. What does Katniss do with the “tracker jacker” nest?Hits it to fall down on the Careers
45. What does Katniss take from Glimmer after she has swollen up from the wasp stings and is dead?The sheath of arrows and the bow
46. Katniss originally thinks that Peeta is buddies with the Careers. What causes her to change her mind?Peeta stays with Katniss until she recovers from the tracker jacker stings at his own risk.
47. Who becomes a major ally of Katniss even before Peeta?Rue
48. How do Rue and Katniss signal each other?With a special mockingjay call
49. Why did the Careers let the boy from District 3 live?He knew how to make and use explosives to protect their supplies
50. What is Rue’s request of Katniss as she is dying? To hold her and sing to her
51. Katniss makes a vow to Rue after she dies. What is it?To win the Hunger Games to avenge Rue’s death.
52. Katniss tried to find Peeta and followed the water going down the stream until she sees some blood on a boulder. How is Peeta hiding?He camouflages himself lying in the mud and with leaves.
53. What is Peet’s injury when Katniss finds him and why is it going to be so bad?He has a very deep cut in his thigh, and most likely an infection (blood poisoning) will set in
54. Haymitch sends a pot of broth as a gift while Peeta and Katniss are in the cave. Why does he do this and what does it mean?Katniss kissed Peeta, and she should continue the kissing and the romance
55. Katniss tells Peeta a story while they are in the cave. What is it about?How Katniss got a goat for Prim
56.Claudious Templesmith offers a Feast backpack at the Cornucopia for each tribute with things they really need. Peeta threatens to follow Katniss if she goes. What bargain does Katniss make with Peeta for her not to go?Peeta has to drink all his water, eat all his soup, and wake Katniss up at the right times.
57. Why does Haymitch send a parachute to Katniss with a vial of sleeping syrup?To put Peeta asleep for a good length of time so Katniss can go to get the backpack at the feast
58. What important things does Katniss do before she leaves Peeta in the cave to get the Feast backpack? 3 thingsa)she camouflages the opening to the cave, b) she gets all her weapons and clothes together, c) she kisses Peeta goodbye
59. Which ear is Katniss deaf in from the explosion?Her left ear
60. What kind of wound does Clove give Katniss?A knife stab on her forhead
61. Why does Thresh pull Clove off of Katniss when she is about to slice up her face?He hears Clove bragging that she killed Rue from his district. Also, he owes one to Katniss for helping Rue.
62. What weapon did Thresh use to kill Clove?A large rock
63. What did Thresh take before he left the Cornucopia for the Feast?Cato’s and Clove’s backpacks
64. Haymitch said that one kiss between Katniss and Peeta equals what?a pot of broth
65. Why doesn’t Katniss trust her mother? because when her father died in the mines, her mother became depressed and did not help or take care of Katniss and her sister.
66. When did Peeta’s crush for Katniss start?The first day of first grade when she knew how to sing the Valley Song
67. What did Katniss’s mother love about her father?his singing; even the birds would stop to listen
68. Why do Katniss and Peeta stay in the cave so long when they are starving?the endless hard rain
69. If a tribute wins the Hunger Games where do they live afterwards?in a beautiful home in their district built by the Capitol
70. If you win the Hunger Games, what is one of your jobs in your district?to be a mentor to the following tributes
71. After clove, who was the next tribute to die?Thresh
72. Why does Katniss believe she will never have children of her own?She does not want her children to have their names put in the reaping and possibly die in the Hunger games.
73. What were the two good things about the four day rain storm?It gave Katniss and Peeta time to heal and rest, and it washed away any evidence or trail of where their cave was.
74.Why do Peeta and Katniss have to split up while they are hunting?Peeta makes too much noise walking with his injured leg.
75. How does Foxface die?Peeta gather berries and leaves them in a pile. Foxface eats them while he is away from the pile, neither knowing they are poisonous berries.
76. Why does Katniss think that Cato hates her so much to distraction?During the training she out-scored him
77. How do the Gamemakers drive Peeta, Katniss, and Cato to the lake for the final show down?They drain the the streams and the ponds. The lake is the only source of water.
78. The creatures that run after Cato, Katniss, and Peeta resemble ferocious wolves, but also part human. They are really what?Mutations of the tributes that have already died in this Hunger Games
79. Why do Peeta and Katniss hear Cato moan at the bottom of the Cornucopia for hours?The mutants are slowly attacking and eating him.
80. Why doesn’t Katniss want Peeta to go to sleep while they are on the top of the Cornucopia?His leg is wounded very badly, and she is afraid he will not wake up if he falls asleep?
81. What weapon does Katniss use to help Peeta’s leg bleed less, and what does she make with it?She uses her last arrow to make a tourniquet.
82. How do Katniss and Peeta trick the Gamemakers so that both of them can live and be victors of the Hunger Games?They pretend that they are both going to eat the poisonous berries at the same time. They know the Capitol needs at least one victor alive.
83. What warning does Haymitch give Katniss just before the Victor’s Ceremony?The Capitol is furious with Katniss and Peeta showing them up in the arena. The Capitol rulers are the joke of Panem. Katniss needs to make it look like she and Peeta are so madly in love, that they could not help their actions.
84. What does Katniss learn about Peeta when they finally sit down to talk.His leg that was injured is an artificial one.
85. What is Peeta upset with Katniss at the end of the story?Peeta realizes that Katniss was being so affection and love to protect them, because Haymitch told her about the great anger of the Capitol
86. What is Katniss's score from the Gamemakers when she shows them her archery skills? 11
87. What kind of berries does Foxface eat, causing her to die? Nightlock Berries
88. What job does distrist 8 have? Textiles/Clothes

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